Content Management System for your Newsdesk helps your editors to publish your news and manage content which is built for newsdesk specifically without compromise on developer’s requirement & specification for high availability web presence

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  • Friendly Editor

    What You See Is What You Get editing experience

  • Assets Manager

    Upload your media, images to centralized Assets Manager in CMS.

  • Headless / API

    Access your data through our powerful APIs - REST or GraphQL

  • Ingest Management

    Ingest RSS, JSON or email coming in for journalist convinience.

  • Tag Manager

    Autocomplete tag management ease editor to tag the story correctly

  • Analytics

    See your publishing pattern to strategize the best time for publishing hour.

  • External Modules

    Add your custom external modules to catter your editor needs.

  • Editorial Flow

    From Draft to Published status, go through multiple reviews requirement.

  • Story Series

    Prioritize your stories on your frontend website by Series feature.

  • is for everybody

  • for Developers

    Bring your own technology to and build frontend faster, giving your developer freedom to choose any platform.

  • for Editorial Desk

    Giving a great experience for Editorial Desk to manage, sorting and ingest stories.

  • for Blogger

    Either occadionally blogger to serious blogger, able to cater the most needs for centralized publishing.

  • Works with your favorite technology stacks

  • Choose a better way
    to manage your news

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